This simple service is aimed to redirect nice tarball urls to the original urls used by various websites. This is usefull if the filename is not part of the original url.

Feel free to ask me any question related to this service or propose new functions on GitHub.

Try it yourself

Put your url into the first field and see the SrcUrl.Net url in the second one.


SrcUrl.Net url GitHub url[user]/[project]/[tag]/*.tar.gz[user]/[project]/archive/[tag].tar.gz[user]/[project]/[tag]/*.zip[user]/[project]/archive/[tag].zip


SrcUrl.Net url Bitbucket url[user]/[project]/[tag]/*.tar.gz[user]/[project]/get/[tag].tar.gz[user]/[project]/[tag]/*.tar.bz2[user]/[project]/get/[tag].tar.bz2[user]/[project]/[tag]/*.zip[user]/[project]/get/[tag].zip